Thrift Shop Hop: May Finds

         ⏤      Bonjour again and welcome to my May thrift shop hop finds to wear in June. Very excited to show what I have been able to dig up at Value Village as they include a full outfit with an accessory included y'all. Heeey. I was definitely successful in the skirt section this trip as I pulled skirt after skirt after skirt to try on. Out of all the skirts I picked out, 3 nice and suitable ones stayed with me. Woo! Although the others were quite nice and unique, they would've faired with someone that had longer legs than my petite stumps! Anyways, not too lucky in the shirt department, but I was able to pick up a basic white turtle neck with a very interesting tight knit fabric...very interesting... and an awesome minimal side bag for $5.99... you have to see it.

                    Look below for pictures:

MAYFINDSSHIRT-page-001 (2)

         ⏤      Here's that white turtleneck top that I purchased for $7.99. I'm actually falling in love with this weirdly super stretchy and cooling knit fabric. 


         ⏤      Scored so well on this linen nude/beige skirt! Again, for $7.99 it was such a steal considering I found bottoms that actually go over my hips yet has a nice snug fit around my waist. If it's not my mom jeans, you'll catch me in this skirt on the daily.


         ⏤      Another linen/cotton skirt that is a nice length for my short legs, I also can't wait to wear this skirt with just a basic cotton t-shirt tied at the waist to hang at the beach with  my favourite brown booties.


         ⏤      Here's a SUPER LONG denim skirt that again, follows the theme of comfort. It is very big on me, I believe it is a size 14, but I love the fabric, button application and elastic waistband that I'll have no trouble altering the skirt to my size. Plus, because it is so long, I have plans to cut half the length to convert into a cute cropped tank, thick or thin-strapped, and a cute 2-piece I'll have!


         ⏤      Found this bag stranded as if someone tried it on and didn't see the beauty it held by throwing it over the racks as if the bag had no dignity. Awesome bag though. I love the size of the bag, the structure it has from the thickness of leather, plus it has no closures! No zippers, no magnetic closures, just a minimal approach to the bag! Unless...


         ⏤      Unless I was either being creative or this bag does have a closure with the flaps folding down (pictured above). Which makes this bag even more awesome on a minimalist design level. This sparks some cool bag design ideas in my head... hehe.

                  That concludes my May finds for June! I'll be posting my looks and how I style them on my Instagram so follow pinkrosesandbows on there. I absolutely love thrifting so stayed tuned for my June finds and comment below if you liked this post!  While you wait, check out some other things on my blog too.

                   I 100% encourage everyone to also have fun going thrift shop hopping for fun, for your budget, and most of all the environment. 😀

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