Summer Music Mood ☼

         ⏤           Welcome back to another pinkrosesandbows post! Non-fashion related, but may put you in the mood on how to dress for summer of 2016 ☼ .

For this post, I wanted to share some music that has been on replay in my jam/dance list to either clean my room, lounge around on my spaday when the sun is lightly scorching through my windows or a drive up to Pemberton Music Festival along the beautiful sea to sky highway ☾. I chose these songs for the post since they've put me in a new and different mood (almost like a phase change in your teenage years) than the normal summer pop songs that I listen to from recurring popular artists.          ⏤          

         ⏤           Awesome songs that I'd love to share, so look below and check out these artists and songs that really represent my Summer 2016!


Troye Sivan ♥︎
                                "so good, love his voice"
  1. Wild   ⏤    "Leave this blue neighborhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh, and it drives me wild"
  2. Youth             ⏤           "My youth is yours, trippin on skies sippin' waterfalls"
  3. Fools         ⏤        "I see swimming pools and living rooms and aeroplanes, I see a little house on the hill and                                                 children's names, I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray"


Astrid S  △
                          "sweet voice but cool sound"
  1. Hyde         ⏤            "What if you understood all the words I’m too afraid to say out loud?"
  2. Hurt's So Good      ⏤     " You're fighting me off like a firefighter, so tell me why you still get burned"
  3. Paper Thin     ⏤      "My heart feels like the sharpest razor blade, I really hope this won't give me away
                                      cause I've been drowning here for days, like a watercolor about to fade"
  4. Running Out           ⏤        "Our love is running out, our love is running, our love is running"
Chelsea Lankes ☺︎
  1. Secret    ⏤    "Every time you pull me closer, feeling like, feeling like feeling like I won't get over
                                                          between you and me, you are the secret I keep"
  2. Paralyzed       ⏤     "Every night, every room, every time I'm with you I'm in paradise, I'm in paradise"
Luna Shadows  ☾



  1. Cherry         ⏤          "Turn out all the lights in the dead of night ,'cause I, I, I'm your love"     

         ⏤           Enjoy discovering or hearing these songs on replay for the summer! Like this post if you love any of these artists!          ⏤          


p i n k r o s e s a n d b o w s

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