Spring + Summer 2017 Collection ◦ ◦

         ⏤      Welcome back to part 2 of my Spring + Summer 2017 collection. For the past week, I've been tapping away on my computer researching silhouettes and fabrics while trying to imagine which colours and fabric types went well with what. To aid in organizing all the jumble of ideas, I created 3 boards separating tops, bottoms and dresses, you know,  TO KEEP MY SANITY IN TACT. Just in the case I have trouble deciding on a cute design for a top, I can look back for inspiration on the board and keep the cohesiveness of the design elements throughout the collection. 

Here's a little explanation of the boards before you look below:

To the left and in the squares are the swatches of fabrics I would like in the collection, while the circle swatches are the colours I would want in that type of fabric. The texts, of course, describe the name of the fabric and the contents within. From there you can look to your right to check out the silhouettes, necklines or flow of the fabric that is close to what I can see for this collection!


TopsMoodBoard-page-001 (3)
                                                                                              "square, boat, turtle, deep backs"
                                                                                               "tea length, mini, mom jeans for the win"
DressesMoodBoard-page-001 (1)
                                                                                                   "shift, deep v's, sleeveless, quarter length"

A lot of natural fabrics and comfy silhouettes make up most of this collection. I imagined the collection to mostly be all white, but I did try to incorporate different colours to try to convey the story on my inspiration board of the burnt California desert theme going on. Hopefully after testing out the colours on the flats I'll draw up, I'll get a better idea and edit which colours will stay in which clothing cateogory!

Hope you enjoyed my silhouette and fabric research. Watch our for more as I try to find what design details like notions and trims to add some flare to my Spring + Summer 2017 collection.         ⏤      

See you soon!

p i n k r o s e s a n d b o w s 

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