Mani Monday: Wink ☉

         ⏤      Happy beginning of summer ☼ . Funny thing is that here in Vancouver we've been having less sunny days than last month and more cold-almost-not-really-feeling-like-raining-today-but-maybe-I-will-but-I'll-just-titter-totter-back-and-forth-if-I-should days ☁︎  ☼ ☁︎  ☼  ☁︎ . Because of this hilarious thing that Vancouver does, I felt like doing a really fun nail this week to add to that hilarity!!

Look below!

Processed with MOLDIV
                                               ☉  - wink wink! -  ☉

Processed with MOLDIV
                                        ☉  -  eyes on the prize....or chocolate  -  ☉
Processed with MOLDIV
                                           ☉  -   Illuminati not confirmed! -  ☉
                Usually, I shoot my nails shots along the ceiling. Then this happened! I swear this isn't some illuminati confirmed post, haha. I'm kidding. Anyways just a fun winking nail design to cure the cold, cloudy days. Enjoy and if you see a boy and you think he's cute, show him your nails girrrl! YASSS!         ⏤      


p i n k r o s e s a n d b o w s


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