Mani Monday: Curve ☽

         ⏤      Hi + welcome to my first mani-monday post of the month of June. Now I usually take Sunday's to execute a full spaday [spa + day] for myself to just relax, clean my room, put my loads in the laundry and do a full beauty glow-up for the start of the week, but it's been a while since I've been busy overhauling pinkrosesandbows. Now that pinkrosesandbows has received her glow-up, I am so glad to be back on track with my spaday's! So, Sunday has passed and my nails have had plenty of time to dry and I am more than excited to show how I try a new "Mani-Trend" that is extremely minimalistic which includes showing a great amount of natural nail and as little drying time needed.

"pin it if you like it!"

                 Found this awesome nail inspiration while scrolling through Pinterest, but I think I'll minimalize it more by taking away the center line sticking with just the curve.

Processed with MOLDIV
                                                   " hello ☽"

Processed with MOLDIV"simple curve"

                 Oh my! I'm really loving this trend not only because of the simple design and the beauty of showing of your natural nail, it is beyond anger-proof as every time I thought I banged or scraped my nails into something, it was all still intact and there was no need to re-do any ruined nails. ♥︎ YESSSSSSS!! Also the amount of time is cut down drastically since I don't need to wait for multiple drying times per coat and I can continue with other tasks in the day without worry.

                I hope you liked my mani-monday. Follow or check-out more of my pins on my nail inspiration board through the Pinterest side bar up and to your right    ⏤      

See you soon,


p i n k r o s e s a n d b o w s


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