Mani Monday: Dots • ・・

         ⏤      Nooooo! It's already half way through June, but to make it all feel better, here's a mani-monday for you?! 😀 Last week was a design with a line, but as of this week, I was feeling more towards tiny, delicate strings of dots. I believe I was subconsciously inspired by these cute bunches of baby's breath hanging around my work desk at home or Stella Maria Baer's artwork? Anyways, here it is, check below for your Mani-Monday!


Processed with MOLDIV
                                            ∙ ∙ dots dots dots ∙ ∙
Processed with MOLDIV
                       ∙ ∙ check out the index finger ∙ ∙
Processed with MOLDIV
                                             ∙ ∙ close-up ∙ ∙
Processed with MOLDIV
                                                         ∙ ∙ baby's breath ∙ ∙

  That's all for now! Comment below if you liked this design idea. See you on the next Mani-Monday post.       ⏤      


p i n k r o s e s a n d b o w s


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